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"love mail" ..?

a resource carrd / my personal bookmarked codes, pxls, dividers, fonts, etc...

pixels, codes, music players, fonts, dividers, cbox, resources, update log, owner

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Wip.... T____T.......Why dont you tell a ghost Story to fill the silence? i will be right back...!^v-v^

only codes, owner, update log, cbox, dividers, and pixels are up right now and theyre still wips sorrrry

gore wanrnining

pixels, blinkies, photos, and everything....i dont know......

Some of these are from months ago so i dontreally know where theyre from......let me know if you want creds/them taken down!!!!!!


this cbox is for talking, questions, and really anything!!!




OTHER CODES (also wip)

Some of these are from months ago so i dontreally know where theyre from......let me know if you want creds/them taken down!!!!!!

adding more slowly


click/hover for the effect!


HI!! im nolan/popee and im the only admin behind this carrd. this carrd....its mainly for my own enjoyment since i <3 carrd making!!!!! im gay and kind of 4chancoded also i have raided carrd cboxes accidentally

you can find me on @personalpoltergeist for insta and @onionpkm (pretty ia on twt) for twt

generally im a coolio dude

BUT dni with me if you interact or are friends with @kaorudeez, @fuckalbedo, @cartoonchatter, or @leroycoded all on twt!! I DO NOT LIKE YOU!!! actually i hate all of you and you suck and i will hate on you all.

but feel free to dm me to talk or just vent in my dms im always interested in how your life is failing


this carrd was made on september 21st 2021

updated on september 24th 2021 adding more pixels and codes

updated september 27th 2021 to add owner and update log + some changed things

updated on october 4th 2021 while listening to love songs <3 super cute music i cried BUT added codes and beginning to expand the carrd! edited stuff in owner and the text codes have been added but not liked to the carrd yet since its heavy wip

updated on october 6th 2021 during my hair and esthetics class! changed layout on pc a bit and working on expanding codes also added like....2 new pixels

updated on october 8th 2021 with new pixels! (not very many) and still adding more codes to the two unlinked options in code

updated on october 22th 2021 pixel and unlinkef codes.......SORRY swear ill get working more diligently soon 💤

updated on october 25th 2021 with another pixel + edited intro + working on linking text codes!!!!!!!!!!!!

updated on october 26th 2021 with the same stuff as yesterdayyyy.... HAPPY HALLWOEEN THOGUH im going to be dressing up one i was planning on doing something but i have no moneyyyy...... BUT talk about halloween in the cbox i wanna see sutff

updated on october 27th 2021 with pixlelllslsssssss also working more on my carrd but still heavy wip!

updated on october 28th 2021 With OPENING DIVIDERS!!! only one is added as im typing this but ill work on adding more asap!!!
anpother update from oct 28th is that i finished and linked my carrd here! go and read that if you want to

updated on october 31st with A BUNCH OF EVERYTHING!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEEEN!!!!!!!AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!